Are you ready to STOP feeling overwhelmed, stressed and depleted and START feeling calm, content and energized?
Would you like to be able to take care of everyone else WITHOUT putting yourself on a back burner?

Imagine, a simple way to juggle all the demands in your life,
and still feel RELAXED and REFRESHED…
I’ll share my new series of FORMULAS for Flower Essence Combination Bottles for CONSISTENTLY staying healthy and balanced while living life in the fast lane.


These are challenging times, aren’t they?

  • Are you feeling the CRUNCH of not enough time, not enough money, and not enough reliable help?
  • Are your most treasured relationships suffering, because your days are so hectic and you can’t catch up?
  • Are you taking care of everyone else–Except Yourself?

You are not the only one, JOIN THE CLUB!

I am doing something NEW and REALLY SPECIAL
and I am personally Inviting YOU to Join our Program .

Better With Bach Bottles Membership Program

A Monthly Subscription to Fantastic Flower Essence Formulas!

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Here is how it all started…

A few months ago, I could feel the struggle and chaos going on for so many of my students. I wanted to help.

So, I gathered a group of my most die-hard, Bach flower essence fans. All of them are certified graduate students of the Bach flower courses–lovers, users, peddlers and pushers of the Bach flower essences!

To be honest, it was clear at our first meeting that THEY WERE MESSED UP!
(It’s okay…they’d laugh to read this).

They know about the Bach flower essences BUT, they were so busy helping everyone else; there simply was not enough time left in a day for them to research and mix up the right Bach flower formulas for themselves.

I used my noodle—I created core flower essence combination formulas for their STRESS, OVERWHELM, FATIGUE, DISORGANIZATION, SELF-SABATOGE with the most effective Bach flower essences, that EVERYBODY needs.

Then, from my expertly researched list, they EASILY ADDED IN THE PERFECT ESSENCES for their particular challenges.


Here’s what happened to my graduate group of students after progressing through a series of Bach Combination Formulas!

“Before this series, I felt uninspired. I had ideas but no “oomph.” Now I feel like things are clicking into place, I’m an active participant in my life.”

“I was experiencing resistance, a lack of creativity, lack of direction. Now I have more clarity on what it is I am going to do. I have re-claimed my creative flow. I am generally less stressed, more relaxed and happy with more self-acceptance.”

When I began, I was feeling I’d never get myself organized. Taking the mixture bottles, I have found the missing pieces. I can see it all coming together now. This helps me maintain my flow.”

“I felt overwhelmed and undecided. I took the “Take Action Bottle” and now I feel more in control. I am moving forward and am not sure what my next hurdle will be.”

“I was feeling overwhelmed and confused about what next step to take in regards to a few areas of my life. The 1st bottle was so comforting to me, helped me to relax and appreciate life more, trust the process and tune in. I took 2 bottles of this formula before moving onto bottle #2. The “Take Action” bottle was fantastic. It helped me to move and get going in a positive direction and shake things up. I took 2 bottles of this as well! The 3rd bottle, “Abundance” started to shift my experience of receiving, staying open to what I deserve. I have laughed a lot on this bottle and have taken 2 of this as well. I am moving forward full steam ahead!”

“I was eating too much at night and now I quit those cravings. With the help of the essences, I did a 4 day fasting detox and EFT workshop. Now I am feeling “in control” about it. Most importantly, I’m more aware about what I have and I am teaching my daughters to appreciate all they have. They are really open and amazed about every single detail I am explaining to them.”

“I was lost, sad and confused about my life. The “Take Action” bottle helped me feel really good despite the stressors in my life. Now I am ready to create what I want in my business and my personal life.”

“I was experiencing fatigue, overwhelm, and blocked with fear. I have regained perspective, a sense of my priorities, and renewed manifestation. I am reminded that less is more and there is not investment in myself that is too great.”

“I was experiencing a lack of energy, major resistance and an inability to take action. At the end of the 1st week and first bottle I could feel my energy shift. I had more clarity and a shift in perspective. At the end of the 2nd week of taking both bottles, I experienced a major breakthrough which allowed me to fully engage, take action and experience joy.”

“I was feeling so sad and nostalgic. I was missing my Dad, who died 3 years ago. But I actually feel really good right now and connected. While I still miss him, I’m not feeling like I want to hide out in my bedroom with my cats and shut out the world. Instead I can reflect on happy memories (and sad ones) with a heart filled with love and forgiveness.”

“I was feeling overwhelmed and little gratitude for the business I created. Today I am clear, even though I am working through some hurt, I LOVE what I’m doing and am grateful for my space and back in love with myself.”

“When I started I felt somewhat overwhelmed with everything I had taken on and worried that I would let others down by not getting it all done. Now, I am still managing a lot, but feel lighter, things feel like they are flowing better and I am less worried about others and trust that everything will work out as it needs to. I have more clarity, gratitude, presence, balance, love, peace.”

“I was out of sorts and stressed out from big changes in my life. I was super depressed and my energy was stuck in the mud. Now I’m HAPPY. I’m organizing everything from my drawers to my finances. Life is moving and so much more fun!”

“I think I am on the verge of something, and I know that the flowers will help me let go enough to experience whatever that may be!”


As you can imagine, MY NEW BACH BUDDIES WANT TO STAY ON BACH COMBINATION BOTTLES FOREVER and a day! I promised them I would create a way for us all to TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES with MONTHLY FORMULAS OF COMBINATION BACH BOTTLES and here it is!


This monthly membership program GUARANTEES you that your life will run much more smoothly with the incredible support and assistance of Bach’s healing herbs.

Here’s How it Works:

Once you subscribe, each and every month, you will receive an expertly chosen, extensively researched, Core Flower Essence Combination Formula.

What is a “Core” flower essence formula?

We will do the research for you and concoct a formula for a blend of essences, perfect for season and derived with intricate reasons. Your recipe will be based on our years of clinical experience and an in-depth understanding of the subtle healing properties of the essences.

All you have to do is take 10 minutes to whip it up…
(And then of course, remember to take it regularly)!

This core combination of flower essences will be perfect for every member of your family and every client you are working with.

And that’s not all…

You will also receive a plentiful list, of what we like to call, “ADD-ONS”—additional essences you can EASILY choose to PERFECTLY CUSTOMIZE each bottle you make.



This Is For You if You Are:

  • Taking better care of everyone else, than yourself
  • Feeling challenged—overwhelmed—CRUNCHED
  • Sure the flower essences can help, but never actually make the time to take them
  • Ready for safe, natural solutions that help you cope when you are at the end of your rope
  • Only dreaming of a good night’s sleep with your eyes wide open and your body clenched

Here’s What Happens When You Take Flower Essences Regularly:

  • CREATE, PRODUCE, and not only SURVIVE…but THRIVE
  • Cultivate new habits—OVERCOME ADDICTIONS & CRAVINGS

Better With Bach Bottles Membership Program

A Monthly Subscription to Fantastic Flower Essence Formulas!

Join our Membership Program Now!


Here’s What You’ll Receive With Your Membership:

Your monthly formula for a brilliantly calculated Bach combination bottle
Exactly the help you need for a regular regime
Great choice list of add-on essences to spice up, customize & personalize
Increase your knowledge of the essences—ten-fold
A refresher crash course: How to Make Combination Bach Bottles
Not quite sure? Easy-to-follow instructions
Resources for dropper bottles, label ideas and dispensing directions
Each month we’ll build your repertoire of helpful hints
Access to the Better with Bach Bottles Online Community Forum
Share success stories and meet Bach Buddies



Brand spankin’ new to flower essences?

You can still join the party!  Along with your membership, you’ll receive a SPECIAL COUPON FOR BIG SAVINGS on the Bach Flower Beginner’s Course and your very own Complete Collection of Flower Essences.

Bach Level 1 on CD with Notebook

Bach Healing Herbs Kit & Case



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Shelley McQuerter, owner and director of Learn Homeopathy Now, has inspired countless parents and healing professionals with her passion for the Bach Flower Essences. Her Bach Flower Certification Training captures her extensive knowledge into a series of content rich seminars that assure success for the novice, as well as the clinician. Shelley’s Better With Bach Bottles Membership Program delivers the profound healing of flower essences, right to your door, in a whimsical subscription that brings immediate results!
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“I am transitioning out of my crazy workaholic schedule. Having a more balanced schedule, I now realize how important it is to do good things for myself (bike rides, time with close friends, massages, etc.). Looking back, I realize I was miserable, resentful and lived for my weekends. I would feel dread Sunday night for the work week.”

“In the beginning…I was silent to myself. Now…There is noise. Soon…a symphony. Thank you.”

“When I began I did not have equanimity in anything. The 1st bottle gave it to me and a leveling. The 2nd bottle gave hope and ambition. The 3rd bottle gave a slight boost. It will only get better. I have declared this!!”

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